Subject: Reko Alroy
  • Result: ENFP
  • Extrovert: 89%
  • Intuitive: 25%
  • Feeling: 75%
  • Perceiving: 56%
Test here (x).

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✎ *bouncing Reko noises*


Strife!Reko, maybe? He cute.

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"A’right, you asked for it." Renji racked his brain for an appropriately awesome activity. Most of the things he found exciting and fun were hardly child-friendly, but there was one thing Renji was at least a little knowledgeable on that he could do for the kid.

"Since yer looking so sharp t’day-" Renji reached around and tugged on one end of the scarf Reko had acquired. "How ‘bout a field trip? I think I might be able to tough-talk us into access to a Senkaimon." Renji was, if he could speak so bluntly, kind of a big deal. And also scary-looking.

And he’s always been meaning to go back to the beach in the WotL. He bets it looks beautiful at night.

   A bounce alerted Renji that the boy was excitedly awaiting a decision. The judge and jury were all the lieutenant and that was a okay to him. As soon as he heard field trip and Senkaimon— A cheerful chirp escaped the boy, causing him to wiggle more on his favorite jungle gym.

   Another unexpected thing! The boy was expecting just to hang out here and maybe get some food, which was always the best of times.

   ”Where we goin’ where we goin’?!” Oh man he hadn’t been to the world of the living for awhile! How exciting!!

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"Nah! It cuts through touch materials! Like metal! I use it when I’m makin’ repairs and it’s th’last one I ave so just..Don’t touch it!” Did this guy live under a rock or something?

  Δ "Ohhhh! Las’ one? Wha’ happened to the others?" Even so he folded his hands behind his back to twiddle with his dangling scarf instead as the other requested. That didn’t mean the young shinigami still didn’t want to touch it, it looked like some sort of weird weapon! Was it like, this guy’s zanpuktou?

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"WE CANnot do that because I can’t afford that much food."

"But if we could."

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"Ey, ey! Don’t go touchin’ that! Power saws are expensive!"

  Δ "Wha’sa ‘power saw’? Does it give ya power?" Squints at the odd contraption. Humans were weird.

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The truth of the matter was that Rose did not, in fact, forget that it was Reko’s birthday. After all, he had mentioned it at least twice and very pointedly. Forgetfulness wasn’t rare for the captain, but Reko would find outside of his quarters a questionably wrapped parcel, and in that parcel a scarf, tortoise-shelled and dusty grey-black in colour. Attached was a tag carrying the loopy and flourished signature of Otoribashi Rose and a brief birthday well-wishing. The handwriting was beautiful and cared for with what appeared to be fine ink, a stark contrast to the parcel’s dubious wrapping.

It really was the least he could do.

  Δ The small package was almost overlooked— If Reko hadn’t almost tripped over it. The packaging odd but not questioning it as the tag held the artistic calligraphy that could only belong to one person. Reko wasn’t used to getting things for such events, hanging out with family was always enough, but when his hands slid over the elegant, dark material that lay in the package, there was a small gasp. The boy has never touched something so nice, let alone have something like it gifted to him. With a baffled gasp, he pulled out the scarf to it’s full length—

   Well, tried too, for it was ridiculously long and about a foot of the end gathered on the ground, even with his arms stretched all the way up! He fixed that quickly by wrapping the lovely material around his neck, reeling it in so that it wouldn’t touch the ground. It warmed his heart and— His neck, since it was the middle of summer, but the child hardly cared about that as he placed the tag back into his room then proceeded to bust out running the tail of the cloth trailing behind him— He had to go thank the thoughtful captain!

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"Psh, of course I knew. C’mon, kid, I know everything.” Adjusts Reko around his neck so that he can hang on his back. “Got a birthday wish ya’ wanna bust out or what? If not, I’ll have t’ make something up, and although my ideas are always super fun, you get a special choice t’day.”

   Oh man, that was a lot of power for one little kid to handle— What do? He was bad at decisions; plus he had already gotten more than he bargained for— the long grey scarf that touched his dangling feet was testimony to that.

   ”Mmmmm— Yeah, you choose I like yer ideas!” Plus he had none of his own, he was just fine with spending time with friends and he gripped the other redhead tighter with a giggle; spluttering at the long strands of hair that got into his face.

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