We ƈαɱҽ to an αgяєємєηт in good нєαℓтн:

  ❝That if no one would take care of us, we’d be fιηє by συяѕєℓνєѕ

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   It wasn’t a figure he recognized at first, not with the jutting point obscuring the silhouette from the neck line— But when Fufu did come into full view, the ice that froze the young red head was slow and deliberate, spreading it’s deadly grasp from his heart to his extremities like a plague, numbing his skin while at the same time making him far more hyper aware of the figure approaching.

   ”Fufu?” Reko didn’t recognize his own voice let alone register he had spoken out loud. His friend’s glazed, unseeing eyes focused on nothing, seeing passed this plane, a plane her real soul was no longer truly in. Reko could see the black canid nose dry and cracked, what was once cold and wet pressed onto his cheek accompanied with soft giggles and for a moment, he gained hope that perhaps she did come back, that she could be alive and just needed help she was moving! But an As Nodt’s spike was clear through her neck; crusted with dried blood and ripped out fur as it was the cause of her death— A death filled with terror; screams being what took her last breaths away, and they still rung loudly in the boy’s ears, playing in his ears repeatedly like a scratched record.

    The young third division member staggered, staring, hardly noticing the moisture gathering at his eyes, poisoned dew drops of horror and unmitigated agony. Seeing Fufu walk out of servitude in death was just as terrible as hearing her last moments of life. Both instances being nothing he can do, nothing at all and he screamed, screamed and screamed till his face was red; twin shikai’s clattered to the ground as his mind began to melt away, his feeling fading as a chilling void of numbing despair took hold. His cries fell onto furred ears that would never truly hear him again.

'I'm sorry, 'm so sorry Fufu.'
'I love you'

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Remember when I said I HC’d Fufu dying via a thorn from As Nodt?

"Fufu, stop why won’ ya stop!""Why why WHY?!?!”“‘M so sorry, Fufu— I couldn’ do anythin’.”"We were supposed tah become lieutenants together…"


Remember when I said I HC’d Fufu dying via a thorn from As Nodt?


"Fufu, stop why won’ ya stop!"
"Why why WHY?!?!”
“‘M so sorry, Fufu— I couldn’ do anythin’.”
"We were supposed tah become lieutenants together…"

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Humans Being - Van Halen

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[‘How could anyone be so blind?’ The blindest question of all.]
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  Suddenly there’s kids everywhere. Clutches cow plush and escapes to the barracks from the fourth division— Nope, none of this felt right; gonna hide away! Maybe draw some… Reko hasn’t done that in awhile.

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She had heard he was in the Fourth. Why, she wasn’t sure, but she was certain it must’ve been some kind of happy accident. Kids like Reko did get into those quite often, especially with as much spunk and excitement as he had.

"Reko-kuuun," she leaned in to the room he was in, hands behind her back. "Are you awake? I came to keep you company."

Plopping on the bed parallel to his own, she tossed a nicely sized, huggable cow plush onto his lap. What little mane it had had been spiked upwards and dyed red, her hands also a little pink from having finished up her little makeshift job up earlier in the day. The other cow had two strands of translucent tape across its face, similar to her own “X” shaped scar, and now sat outstretched in her arms.

"Mmmoooove on over, buddy!" She smiled, "I know you’re not really a cow… but I hope you like him anyways. I thought you could use some cheering up, ‘cause the Fourth is always such a drag.”


   Seeing the other pop into his room curled the corner of his mouth, a warmth spreading in his chest— yes, things were always much better where there was someone familiar willing to come by and see him! It was the warmth of someone caring, and it only multiplied as the cow plushie was plopped in front of him. It was not something he had int eh Rukongai, despite being in a decent part of it, toys like this were still a rare and hard to come by commodity. It was the first he’s ever snatched into his arms and hugged to tightly, minding the smarting and bandaged area on his side.

   ”No way! I love ‘im, thanks so much ‘Yumu!” A giggle as his hands messed with the spiked, dyed faux fur. Reko still wasn’t quite sure if the other intended for him to keep him or not or if the plushie was only here till his stay at the hospital was over, but even so the gesture had him giddy and bouncing where he sat. The pun and the other cow also had him in laughter, prompting him to pick up his own plush and butt it against Ayumu’s.

   ”They look just like us! Yeah, it can be a drag, bu’ I haven’ been awake too long either so this makes it way better.”

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He wasn’t sure what to do after he had entered. Doing something like asking ‘are you alright’ seemed kind of redundant. 

Reko looked pretty thoroughly banged up, and he seemed to look… smaller than usual, as it he wasn’t full of the same kind of optimism and confidence he usually was.

"Hey, kiddo."

   Seeing Renji wasn’t only uplifting; causing a bright grin to spread on his face, but it also had him springing up to sit up in bed— "Renji~!" Oops, sat up too fast! Reko flopped right back onto the bed, head smarting something terrible. A groan accompanied that, couldn’t he be better now? 


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Rojuro wasn’t sure what he was seeing when he first saw it, the small crumpled mess broken on the ground. He had been walking, trying to organize his own commonly-jumbled thoughts, but quickly snapped out of his reverie upon realizing that it was a division member- no. No, that was not just a division member, that was Reko.
Quickly, the captain regrouped and with a couple long strides he was already bent down to assist the child in his injured state.

"Reko." He urged firmly and in a strong voice, now dead serious as opposed to his usual dramatics. One small shake, and then another, and the boy was pulled into his arms. His zanpakutou would have to be retrieved by another officer — right now, he had to focus on getting the child to fourth. He wouldn’t be able to heal him without knowing what was wrong. From the looks of it, he had fallen. There were no stab wounds, no signs of attack… only bleeding and bruising. He looked terrible.

Rojuro took haste, disappearing to admit him into a better care than his own. He would ask questions later… the care of his division members was priority and no matter how unprofessional and lazy he may have come off, his job would always be done.

Rojuro would always look after his own.

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Renji hadn’t heard very much. Apparently there had been some sort of accident with Reko’s zanpakutou?

It was always embarrassing for a shinigami to remember such things, but Renji could rather relate to that. Zabimaru, in addition to requiring a very unique method of reiatsu control and balance, was moody enough to cause Renji enough frustration when learning shikai. This, for Reko, was just a small bump in the road. Renji was sure of it.


He knocked on the door from the hallway, though it would be uncharacteristic for Reko to rebuff him as a visitor.

   It was only now beginning to click that the one he had spoke to last night had been his zanpuktou spirit. But instead of elation, he felt bitter and sad. The jerk had thrown him off of a cliff.

   The sudden sound snapped him out of the lethargic fog the boy was falling into. "Ah, come in?" He didn’t mean to sound unsure but there it was.

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