The operation was a success! Renji confirmed for ‘weirdly funny’, which is all he really wanted to be. Good job, Renji. Your hand smells like a dead fish.

Flops fish around some more, as if it was distraught, tone becoming more emphatic as ‘the fish’. “Is too! What’re ya’, a fish scientist?”

Cue expressive fish flopping.

Giggling intensifies,in fact, it becomes full blown laughter at ‘fish scientist’ with fishy noises. Floppy noises were HILARIOUS. “W-wha if I am Mistah F-fin?” It was even better because now he was talking to the fish. Everything was comedy gold right now.

"I ‘ave mah PmD in ‘Fish’"

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It’s too late to back out of this one.

It’s far too late, Reko.


He’s not exactly getting a great reaction from his audience, so his smile is a bit strained when he words his hand inside the fish’s head like a beak to make the ‘puppet’s mouth move as if it were speaking in sync with his own words.

"This is exactly how fish work, trust me.”

Keeps up the unblinking stare as the hand wriggles in the fish— But as soon as fingers made the fish ‘talk’

A hand slammed to his mouth as a loud squawk of laughter threatened to leave it. “No its not!” The words were accentuated with giggles

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Takes fish. Mmm… cold and slimey….


Roughly ruffles Reko’s hair. “Yeah, you could! But I’d rather use it fer its real purpose.”

Sticks hand into fish’s stomach and waves it around whimsically. “A hand puppet!”

Head pops back out of his scarf as the other was about to show its true purpose.

Only to watch the other stick his hand in it and call it a puppet.

He wasn’t sure if there was an appropriate response to that, and just stares at the man for several long moments. “I dun think tha’s how fish work, Renji.”

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xOh my god you just stuck your hand in that xWhy xWhy would you-- xOh my gooooddd xYou better not touch me with that hand xInspirenjional



"Reko, issit possible that it’s just fish?"

….. Stares at the pack for a long moment…

Before blushing fiercely at his mistake.

"If ya believe hard ‘nough it could be Taiyaki…" Slooowwwlllyyy puts face into his scarf.

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xPuts fish in your hands anyway xJust nee to trust and have a bit of pixie dust xn' it could be taiyaki xInspirenjional

Where’s the Renji? Has to find the Renji!

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xInspirenjional xI found frozen taiyaki in the 3rd division fridge! xIt might be old xIt was behind a lotta ice

   ”Useless, huh? Damn straigh’ ya are— look a’ ya jus’ sittin’ there like a damn lump!” Reko flinched at the harsh, gravely voice. The boy curled more in on himself back pressing hard against a rock outcrop of his inner world, wishing to disappear in the mass. Over head, clouds churned, dark and saddened, rumbling in threat and only making him feel worse as he trembled with their roar. Even in his world, he was not safe from storms.

   ”Wha’ am I suppose tah do a-abou’ it?” A mutter into his arms, still not looking up. He just wished for it to go away, the feeling, this void that settled inward, taking away any warmth he had, any at all. It all slipped through his fingers— Even looking at Renji or Izuru only causing pain. They should not suffer him, they do so much, for him and each other. They can protect people, what has he done?


   ”BOY! Why do ya cry?” Beak clicked in irritation, the creature stepping from his perch to approach, talons clicking on the hard rock and the sound of feathers shifting, ruffling, and the irritate grumbles. "I-I can’ do nothin’! I wanna protect them too! N’ I can’… I can’ protect no one—" He didn’t get to finish as something hard collided with his side, flinging him from his spot and sent skidding across the ground with a broken yell. A sob broke from his shaking body, a fist hitting the ground dully as he looked up with betrayed, ember eyes to the enormous hybrid as rain began to hit the ground with hard slaps, getting heavier and heavier.

  “Why ya do tha’? Why?!” Another hit to the ground, another and another until it began to bleed, blood smearing the dirt, the single word becoming his mantra "WHY CAN’T I DO ANYTHIN’?!" His voice echoed through the canyon, the great valleys, speaking back to him as if his entire spiritual world was asking the same question. On the inside he was a storm, churning, thundering in his heart— He was the coward that could do nothing.

   "Because you have no conviction! Sometimes you have to hurt, to KILL to protect the things you love! That is the life of a shinigami in these times! You cannot even lift a sword to someone who threatens them! How do you expect yourself to do anything?” A snarl as the lumbering creature stepped forth, raging fire in the red eyes.

   ”No’ all monstahs have the face of one, boy. The worst of them have human visages.” Reko turned his head away, having heard the words before. He didn’t want to hurt anyone like that though. He didn’t! He became a shinigami to protect his family and loved ones from monsters, from the hollows. He was not banking on this, he had been hiding from it, running from it— "Ya’ve seen it before… Ya ‘ave, why have you not realized wha’ I’m tellin’ ya— Or do you not remember?" Primary feathers were out stretched, the very tip of it touching the boy’s face in a caress, over the scar upon his face… Until it was wrenched away with bared teeth, a hand slapping over his lips as if to conceal the blemish, tears dripping over his fingers.

   The worst monsters had human faces.

   ”Don’ touch me!” He snarled, smacking the wing away, and the spirit laughed. "Or wha’ will you do? Ya can’ do nothin’!"The boy gripped the mudding dirt, rage filling the void as a bloodied hand went for the hilt of the long blade upon his back— A broad grin began to spread, looking eerie with the beak and talons scratched at the ground as the sheath was tugged from the back and flung from the blade with terrible force. The fire began to roar in the child’s eyes, and with it, the wind in the area picked up, whipping at them both, rain hitting their faces harshly, dampening hair and feathers as lightning stuck across the sky.

   The boy did not flinch.

   “‘M! No’! USELESS!"

    “PROVE IT!”

   Words bubbled in his throat, his mind racing as fire fueled his soul, words screamed into the wind as both hands grasped the handle of the long nodachi. Instinct. Dual voices bellowed over the storm think thunder.


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xThe Fledgling;

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xI'm actually really concerned on how sad Reko's been the pass few days xHe feels worthless awful and fretting about something that I can't pinpoint and its driving me mad xDriving him mad too xHe's just so upset xWHY cHILD TELL ME WHY xOOC xTbd xughgughugu like it makes me sad just coming on here



"A lot is happening right now but it’s all gonna be okay anyways!"

Embraces this child, goddammit. Maybe they would visit Ayumu later and check in on Izuru. Perhaps there can be taiyaki involved.

It didn’t feel like it was going to be okay, not a bit. "C-can do nuthin’ msor’—" Choking stole his words away, aguish being spilled on the uniform in his grasp. He felt gross and foul. Feelings he had not had for a long time now. It was like a terrifying storm raging inside of him— “‘Ow ya ge’ r-rid of s-storms, ag-g’in?”

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inspirenjional replied to your post “Holds the dragon Lizard plush Ayumu had given him close. it was…”


Clutches at his front and just sobs unable to stop the force of emotions behind it all. “‘Mmm s-s-sorry!!”

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Holds the dragon Lizard plush Ayumu had given him close. it was perfect for hugging and helping him to feel better. Everything seemed to be going down hill for everyone around him, he felt terrible and useless, unable to give anything to help them. Not Rose, Izuru, Ayumu—


What could he do?

He pressed his face into the plush, trying to ignore the fact he started sobbing into it. Like a child.

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